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Our Senior Minister

Reverend Jerry Fetterly is known for his sense of humor, his love of people, and his zestful approach to life with an open heart and mind. He shares his passion for teachings that can assist and empower people in transforming their lives in classes and the Sunday message. 

Rev Jerry graduated from Holmes Institute in June 2006 and was ordained with the Centers for Spiritual Living in October of 2010. He recently completed 3 years as the Senior Minister/Spiritual Leader of the Center of Spiritual Living, Midland Texas, after many rich experiences and accomplishments. Following his heart, he returned to California where he had previously spent considerable time in both the San Francisco and San Diego areas. He served as the Executive Director for United Centers for Spiritual Living where he managed the relocation of the International Headquarters from Burbank, California to Golden, Colorado and prior to that, Rev Jerry served as Staff Minister to the church’s newcomers and as the Finance Director of Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle. ..

Our Ministers Emeriti

our minister

Rev. Audrey Turner

Rev. Audrey Turner considers herself a student of life and shares her life lessons, discoveries and experiences with others in a way that inspires and empowers them to move into a deeper, richer relationship with themselves, a more active, participatory relationship with the Universe and a greater appreciation of and participation in the world around them.

She has counseled, coached and inspired people for 50 years. She has been a New Thought Minister in Escondido, motivational speaker, teacher and writer for the past 13 years with a unique gift of working with others as they move through transformation in their lives.

She has 6 adult children.Somewhat of a "health-nut", Rev. Audrey is all about personal mastery, “green”living, and being more playful, joyfully experiencing her spiritual connection in all thngs. Among many projects, she's eagerly looking forward to the release of her new book, IT'S WHY WE'RE HERE!

our minister

Rev. Les Turner

Rev. Les Turner has over 19 years as an insurence consultant and personal coach, and he has facilitated change in organizations and with individuals. He is passionately involved in facilitating the evolving consciousness of non-profits and corporations to transform themselves and create sustainable local, regional and global communities.

In addition to organizational transformation in businesses, he’s led regional training for International Centers for Spiritual Living al over the Western United States. He’s also led Board retreats for numerous Centers for Spiritual Living on church growth and development. His passion is helping people discover and fulfill their purpose by developing emotional and spiritual maturity through a process of building personal integrity.

Our Assistant Minister

Coming Soon! Applications being taken. CALL!


Our Leadership Team






"I found my home!"
"This is a place where I can share and feel joyful!"
Janine D .

"I always feel welcomed at the Center for Spiritual Living"Lee W.

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